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At Blackwater Creek Destination Catering our mission is providing clients with the finest quality food, beverage, service and equipment available.


With each new year, comes new trends, demographics and ideas for event catering and menu offerings. Destination catering will evolve and guests will be expecting more than the standard appetizers and entrees at the events. In 2014 we began looking into the future and began with Blackwater Creek Catering.

Destination Menus: Customizing a menu that highlights the location and is a great way to share the local culture with your guests.


Stationary Cuisine: Many events are focused on mingling and great conversation. Most of your event guests will or have already attended numerous events and exposures.

Providing your guests with opportunities to experience various horsdeouvres throughout the room is a great way to ensure they are energized and engaged.

Locally Inspired Drinks: Serving unique craft beers from local breweries and wineries is a great way to inspire your guests.

Let Blackwater Creek Destination Catering assist with planning your next estate , wedding, or corporate event to ensure its one to remember! If you are interested schedule an appointment today !!

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